Hoover Steam Cleaners

Hoover steam cleaners are among the most trusted cleaning machines on the market. Let us closely examine their features.

The Hoover steam cleaner satisfies the basic requirement of a good steamer, and that is having two separate water tanks. There is a top tank where you store the hot water and your detergent, while the bottom tank is where all the dirty water gets sucked right in from cleaning surfaces. It is nice to note that there is no need for a separate detergent tank, which cuts preparation time in half because it is already mixed with the clean water. The tanks are easy to remove when you need to refill it with clean water in rinsing mode.


Brush-wise, the Hoover steam cleaner is equipped with five brushes that set off in rotary motion once the machine is turned on. Most steam cleaners only have two or three, and with the five brushes found in the Hoover steam cleaner you get a more thorough cleaning of your floors and carpets. Furthermore, rotary speed can also be adjusted, which is really great for delicate surfaces that need a more gentle rotation, or hard to clean surfaces that need a bit more whirring action. Should you not need the brush function, you can simply turn it off while using the steam mop feature.

Gets That Dirt Out

The Hoover steam cleaner also has a special feature called the Clean Surge. This special button, when pressed, is ideal for cleaning areas that are a bit too soiled for most cleaning agents and equipment. Once you press it, a small amount of cleaning solution is dispensed and concentrated on particular areas so the machine can work on these problematic areas until they are nothing short of glistening.

Among other great things about the Hoover cleaner is that it comes with a hose which is ideal for cleaning elevated or ramp-type surfaces like stairs or lofts, as well as other upholstered surfaces. An extra cleaning tool makes it work like a dream on bare floors, and its 12 amp motor effectively keeps the steam cleaner powered enough for you to clean as well as suck out the moisture from carpets.

Cleaning Experience

Cleaning with the Hoover steam cleaner is surprisingly easy, but a bit of angling is necessary to get into small niches and crevices. Nevertheless, the machine proves to be lightweight, easy to bring around and stores really well. This is a good buy if you are in the budget range, and it is definitely built to last thanks to its durable structure and design.