Carpet Steam Cleaners

Carpet steam cleaners provide a superior way to clean and sanitize carpeted floors. These home cleaning appliances are packed with very practical features, accessories, and attachments. They are easy to use allowing you to quickly clean the carpet.

Here are some of the most useful benefits that you can enjoy in carpet steam cleaners.

1. Lightweight:

Most carpet steam cleaners are lightweight. You can easily maneuver these steam cleaners across a carpeted room without exerting much effort. Because of this, you will be able to clean and sanitize carpeted floors even in the most remote places of your home.


2. Slim and Sleek Design:

A typical carpet stem cleaner has a sleek body and slim mop head. These features will allow you to clean difficult to reach areas without lifting furniture. You can also easily clean and sanitize carpeted areas in-between large furniture and appliances.

3. Multiple Attachments for Powerful Cleaning:

Carpet steam cleaners have built-in nylon brushes for agitating carpet fibers. This will effectively loosen dirt and spots from your carpet. The best thing about these steamers is that they also have other cleaning accessories suitable for cleaning fabric, draperies, rugs, and floor mats.

4. Heavy Duty Dual Tank Systems:

Carpet steamers normally have dual tank system. One tank contains clean tap water and is responsible for producing steam. The other tank collects dirty water and is separated from the steam tank. So you will have a completely sanitary cleaning appliance that will keep your carpet floor free from dirt, stains, and spots.

5. Carpet Cleaners Deliver Pressurized Steam:

Through the powerful jet nozzles of carpet steamers, the steam delivered on the floor is highly pressurized. The powerful burst of steam mist provides superior sanitizing capability. The delivery of pressurized steam also helps in making the drying process quicker. There is no need for you to wait for hours to completely dry the carpet. Within a few minutes after you finished cleaning, your carpet will be dry and ready to use.

6. Chemical Free:

Many Carpet steamers do not require chemical cleaning formulas and hazardous carpet cleaning substances. They fully rely on the power of steam to clean and sanitize the carpet. All you have to do is to fill the water tank with plain tap water so you can start cleaning. That is why these steamers are also considered the most environment friendly home cleaning appliances today.

7. Easier Operation:

Carpet steam cleaners have adjustable handles for your comfort. They are also equipped with flooding lever allowing you to fully control the amount of steam delivered on the floor. Most high end carpet steamers also have light indicators that will tell you if the machine is ready to use. The ergonomic and easy to grip handle will also help you in maneuvering the steamer without much difficulty.

8. Completely Silent Machines:

Carpet steam cleaners work silently. They do not produce annoying noise like vacuum cleaners. All you will hear is smooth hissing sound when the steam is released. The motor that operates the brush does not produce noise also. So you can clean the house without disturbing anyone.

There are lots of excellent brands out on the market today. You can try the Hoover Steam Carpet Cleaner, the Bissel SpotLifter, or the Ladybug Steam Cleaner. These are commercial grade cleaners and very durable. They can completely clean and sanitize carpets in no time.