Floor Steam Cleaners

Floor steam cleaners are environment friendly home cleaners. A typical floor steamer only requires tap water, which is converted to powerful steam that keeps bare floors cleaned and sanitized.

The heating system of a floor steam cleaner is capable of producing steam within 30 seconds to 3 minutes. So there is no long waiting time before you can start cleaning dirty floors and hard surfaces. When you are done cleaning, you will instantly notice that your floor is free from residues and annoying chemical fumes. This separates floor steamers from other commercial cleaning appliances and the unsanitary mop and bucket.


Convenient Cleaning Machine

Operating a floor steamer is very easy and convenient. There is usually a simple pull trigger mechanism that can shoot pressurized steam directly on the floor surfaces. The mop head of steamers has an attached terry cloth which helps in eliminating dirt, stains, grime, and spilled foods.

Floor steam cleaners also have pivoting mop heads. The mop heads can pivot up to 360 degrees to reach areas that are difficult to access. With such a feature, moving around with your steamer would be hassle free and easier.

The flexible jet nozzles of floor steamers can make your cleaning job quick and easy. These nozzles are corner friendly so you can quickly clean nooks, crevices, and areas in-between furniture.

As a machine, floor steamers are extremely lightweight. They are easy to maneuver with simple push action so moving around the entire house to keep hard floor surfaces clean would be easier also.

Keeps Floor Dry in Minutes

Floor steam cleaners normally produce dry steam. These cleaning appliances will not leave soaking wet floors. There is no need for you to wait for hours till floor is dry. After the first application of steam, your floor will dry in a matter of minutes. Most importantly, quality floor steamers have microfiber pads that aid in cleaning and drying floors. These microfiber pads are detachable and washable. That way you can reuse them over and over for several months.

Good floor steamers also feature an ergonomically designed, easy grip handle for stress free operation. It has a steam level indicator, long quick-release power cord, and a storage bracket so you can easily mount it on the wall. Most floor steam cleaners come with 12 months full warranty for parts and services.

You have lots of choices if you decide to buy floor steam cleaners. For example, you may want to check the practical features of Haan Floor Steamers and Sanitizers. These steamers are lightweight but they are packed with useful features and equipped with heavy duty 800-Watt heating system.

You can also try the Euroh2oflo Steam Mop. This floor steamer looks like a standard mop because of its sleek design. The unit has a distinctly European look and has a fully maneuverable mop head. This can be used for larger rooms because of its 20-foot long power cord.

Choosing the right steam mop is actually not that hard. And after you get one, you won’t understand how you ever got along without it.