Choosing the Best Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners are becoming the most favorite house cleaning appliances of many homeowners. That is because a steam cleaner provides superior cleaning performance, it is highly durable, chemical free, and can be used for cleaning and sanitizing various surfaces and home furnishings.

Floor Steam Cleaner

A floor steam cleaner is also known as mop steamer. It is primarily designed to sanitize and clean sealed hard floor surfaces. It is a cross between a regular floor mop, vacuum cleaner, and steamer.

A floor steamer has a tube-like handle, a moveable mop head, and a built-in or detached water tank. This machine is usually lightweight and can deliver up to 200F of steam. If your flooring is hard wood or marble, then this type of product is best for you.

When buying a mop steamer, you need to check if the cleaning pad is made from reusable and machine washable micro fiber. You can save a lot of money if the attached pad is reusable.

Carpet Steam Cleaner

For cleaning carpeted floors, a carpet steam cleaner is best for you. The design and build of a carpet steamer is similar to standard floor steam cleaners. However, a carpet steamer has a special nylon brush attachment for agitating the carpet fiber.

This type of machine provides dual cleaning action for carpeted areas.The brush will agitate the carpet fibers to loosen dirt, stains, and spots while the steam will complete the cleaning and sanitizing process.

If you want to buy a carpet steamer, make sure that it can produce dry steam.This way, your carpet will dry quickly.

Hand-held Steam Cleaner

Hand-held steam cleaners are portable and very handy cleaning machines.They are lightweight and have ergonomic grip handles for easier cleaning.

Hand-held steamers are best for emergency cleaning and for sanitizing hard to reach areas.These steam cleaners are suitable for garments and clothing. They can remove cloth wrinkles in a matter of seconds.

If you want complete portability, then the best unit for you is a cordless machine. This is a type that has a built-in rechargeable battery. However, cleaning time of rechargeable steamer lasts only for 15 to 30 minutes.

There are also portable hand-held steamers that run on alternative current.This means you will need a power source before you can use it. The good thing is you can use this steamer for extended cleaning period.

Multi-purpose Steam Cleaner

Multi-purpose steamers are the most versatile cleaners that you can find on the market.These machines can be used on hard sealed floors, carpets, upholstery, furniture, garments, windows, tiles and other types of hard surfaces.

You can get more value from this type of machines because they can clean almost anything in your house. In fact you can use them to clean and sanitize your car interior, boat cabin, and motorcycle.

It is up to you to choose which type of product would be best suited for your needs.Just make sure that the steam cleaner requires tap water only so you can enjoy chemical free cleaning.It is also best to buy a steamer that can produce steam within a couple of minutes so you can quickly get to work.